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Become a Reseller

If you would like stock Darling Sweet & Swartland Kitchen, please fill in the New Customer Detail Form.

Existing customers, who have completed the customer detail form manually, can apply for an online wholesale store account by completing the Existing Customer Form .

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Darling Sweet has a new online home, Evita Se Perron!

As of 11 November 2020, will be known as Here you can still find all of the delicious products from Darling Sweet, Swartland Kitchen and more from the Swartland! All of our products are shipped straight from Tannie Evita's home, Evita Se Perron, in Darling! We are continually expanding our product range...So watch this space!

Evita Se Perron is the proud home of Swartland Kitchen, where the #tannieschoice rusks are baked. We also have a restaurant & a physical shop, where you can buy all of the products available on our online shop. So, if you are ever in region, please come & visit us at 8 Arcadia Street in Darling, Western Cape.