The big reveal is here!



Say hello to our new range of soft caramels, a new member to the Darling Sweet family in celebration of our 4th birthday. This is the first time we, at Darling Sweet, have added a new line of confectionery to our signature range of old-fashioned hard toffees. The soft caramels are a logical extension to our toffees, seeing as both involve the slow caramelization of butter and sugar, thus being equally seductive and satisfying, although very different in texture. Whereas the toffees are hard and then become chewy as it warms in your mouth, the caramels have a soft velvety chewiness right from the start.

The caramels are available in five euphoric flavours; Summer Berry, Salted Liquorice, Ginger & Cardamom, Chocolate & Orange, and Salted Caramels. 

Chocolate & Orange Soft Caramels

The Chocolate and Orange caramels offer the rich creaminess of butter caramel combined with the smooth intensity of chocolate and the happy fruity flavour of oranges.

Salted Liquorice Soft Caramels

The Salted Liquorice caramels are a seductive combination of butter caramel, the distinct flavour of liquorice, and the crunch of West Coast fleur de sel.

Summer Berry Soft Caramels

The Summer Berry caramels combine a rich butter caramel with the refreshing tang of summer berries; strawberry, raspberry and sour cherry.

Ginger and Cardamom Soft Caramels

In the Ginger and Cardamom caramels you find a rich butter caramel flavoured with the complex fragrance of cardamom and bits of dried ginger for that characteristic warm zing.

Salted Soft Caramels

The Salted Caramels, an officially licenced product of the Springbok rugby team, pays tribute to a traditional favourite in its combination of a rich melt-in-your-mouth caramel and the salty crunch of West Coast fleur de sel.