Eco-Kindness Culture at Darling Sweet

There’s nothing better than unwrapping a Darling Sweet toffee and popping the delectable tidbit into your mouth. Merely reading this will make you salivate! Once you have enjoyed the toffee, you are left with the clear wrapper to be discarded. These wrappers can easily escalate to a mound of plastic once you have worked your way through an entire box of Darling Sweet toffees. Now you may be wondering: "Where does all the plastic go?" Well, here comes the good news; Darling Sweet's toffee wrappers are not made from plastic, but Biophane; a bio-degradable film that is compostable and will break down within three to six months in your compost heap, along with all other plant material. This type of film is also called 'corn plastic' or PLA (polylactic acid) and is made from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane and is a very exciting technology that we believe is the future for the food packaging industry.

The reason Darling Sweet chooses to use Biophane as an alternative to conventional plastic is obvious; plastic is one of the world’s biggest waste problems. Not only does plastic add to landfill but it also takes hundreds of years to break down. The  global use of plastics has surpassed all other human-made materials, apart from steel and cement. As a result there is an environmental disaster happening in slow motion all around us, and we urgently need to do something about it by recycling all discarded plastic or, even better, start using biodegradable plastic.

Apart from our biodegradable wrappers Darling Sweet also uses three other materials in the packaging of our toffee products: BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) plastic for the bags into which we seal our toffees, cardboard for all our boxes and glass for our toffee spreads. We chose all three materials with great care so as to make sure all are fully recyclable, which they are, since at Darling Sweet we will never use any non-recyclable materials. All our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.

Please recycle according to the categories indicated on our packaging:



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