30x30g Toffee Bars


All of our delectable toffee flavours in 30g bars. Choose from the following flavours: Tannie Evita’s classic toffee, Honey & salt toffee, Liquorice toffee, Orange & Cranberry toffee, Coffee toffee, Mint toffee, Rooibos Chai and Bird’s Eye Chili toffee. For assorted flavours, please input “assorted” in the text box below.


30 Darling Sweet toffee bars of your choice.

30 x 30 grams.

All of our delectable toffee flavours in 30g bars. Choose from the following flavours: Assorted, Tannie Evita’s classicHoney & saltLiquorice toffeeOrange & CranberryCoffeeMintRooibos Chai, Bird’s Eye Chili, Chocolate, and Ginger Snap.



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