\"\"The term ‘clean label’ is increasingly being used in the world of consumer food products to identify products that are healthier for consumers. Currently there is however no legislation in place anywhere in the world as to the use of the term on food packaging, so it is up to manufacturers to explain their own use of the term to their customers.

Darling Sweet has been producing clean label products from the very beginning, so let’s explain what we mean by that.

For us ‘clean label’ is one of our core company values relating to the following five aspects to our business: the ingredients we use and those that supply it to us, our manufacturing processes, and the impact of our business on both the planet and society. ‘Clean label’ is thus for us a way to ensure the wellbeing of both our customers and the planet and its natural resources.

With regards to the ingredients we use in our products we:

  • use as few ingredients as possible
  • use ingredients that can be recognized and pronounced by our customers
  • use only natural as opposed to synthetic ingredients
  • add no preservatives to our products
  • add as few additives (flavourings, colourants, acidity regulators) as possible, and when we do these are all natural

With regards to our suppliers we:

  • source as many locally produced ingredients as possible, to restrict its carbon footprint
  • use only ethical suppliers who pay their labourers a decent wage, use no child labour, and use methods of production that is sustainable to our planet and its natural resources

When it comes to our manufacturing processes we:

  • make sure it is as short and traditional as possible
  • use only mechanical as opposed to chemical processes in the manufacturing of our products

We conduct our business with the welfare of our planet and its natural resources in mind. We therefore:

  • use bio-degradable wrappers for our toffees
  • the rest of our packaging is fully recyclable
  • use only biodegradable cleaning chemicals in our factory
  • conserve and recycle the water we use in our factory

Darling Sweet operates with the welfare of our staff and our community in mind. We therefore:

  • pay our workers a decent salary, which far exceeds the minimum wage stipulated by the South African government
  • offer our employees opportunities for career development in the workplace through upskilment
  • give back to the local community through our support of The Darling Trust

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